I visited one of my favorite places yesterday, Valley Vintage, which is located in West Orange and has antiques, hard-to-find collectibles, and unique objects of art. I found myself spending a long time looking around yesterday, and wanted to share something that mystified me … what is this thing? Has anyone ever seen something like this? Scroll down for more …

baby head art work at Valley Vintage in West Orange
A curious art work on the shelf at Valley Vintage

I’m not sure whether I would call this a sculpture, or folk art, or a “curio,” which is defined as “something (such as a decorative object) considered novel, rare, or bizarre.” It certainly qualifies as that, as we have 5 sculpted baby heads, but what looks like a skull in the middle – see some details below. If you have any thoughts you want to share, or have seen something like this before, please share in the comments section below.

baby heads and skull art
A detailed look at the curious object from Valley Vintage

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