Kalamaras plays the baglama, a small bouzouki, and manages the group. Melbourne’s vast Greek population meant his band were playing four shows a week. “Tons of gigs and two international tours were cancelled, but we will shine on,” he says stoically.

Kalamaras works at classical music FM station 3MBS and lives near Emerald with his family of five, a pet cat called Minion Sassy Pants and two chickens, both called Greg. “My son named them,” he says with a grin.

“(Coronavirus lockdown) was a shock to the system for my family, ‘Who is this guy? I thought he had to work tonight?’ Nope, they were stuck with me.”

He’s missing his other family. “This group just seem to work without stress and we have more laughs than music,” he says.

They’ll stream the launch of their self-titled album this month.

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