Let’s rewind to the summer of 2012 … I had the idea to start going on day trips to new locations with no pre-planned itinerary, but rather just hitting the road in the hope of discovering something arts-related in unexpected places. This exercise turned into The Arts Adventurer, which is now a series of arts adventures that I have here on Artsology.

I took a lot of weekend road trips that summer, and one of them involved driving up along the Hudson River and stopping in Kingston, NY. I parked my car along Broadway, and started walking down this hill (below) towards the waterfront. But as I was walking down the hill, I noticed a small art gallery called “The Storefront Gallery,” which now (in 2020) appears to be closed. But on that day, I looked in the window, and the walls were covered with what seems like hundreds of small 4 x 4 inch canvases, like what you can see in the insert, below left. It was a Sunday, so the gallery was closed, but I stood there transfixed for who-knows-how-long, and I guess someone saw me and alerted the gallery owner, who arrived on the scene and let me in!

Ezerd exhibition at The Storefront Gallery in Kingston NY

Once inside, I learned that this series of paintings was called “Adopt A Robot,” and is the work of an artist who goes by the name Ezerd. Each painting included the name of a “Robot,” along with a small wall label that described that robot’s personality. Needless to say, I took my sweet time looking at each painting and reading each amusing wall label, and I was hooked. Why do I say “amusing?” Here’s an example, of one that I eventually bought: “Mig: a surge junkie – always plays hard, likes to go fast, never slows down for anything, except milkshakes.”

Ezerd Adopt A Robot

But think about it – when you see the paintings installed like this, and know that it’s an army of personalities, I couldn’t just buy one … but with my resources at the time, I limited myself to three, which felt like a good amount to reflect being part of a larger whole.

Okay, so now let me explain why this is an 8 year story. Fast forward to this spring, and I see something on Ezerd’s Instagram page, asking to hear from past collectors. I shared a picture of my trio of robots (Mig, Mosd, and Dudley, who is “obsessed with cheese in a can, has a collection of faucet handles, and takes five showers a day”), and had fun connecting with Ezerd via a few direct messages. About a week later, I found a green envelope in my mailbox, and was quite excited to open it up and find a gift package, which included a series of stickers, art cards, and a kind note! I just thought this was such a nice gesture from a talented and original artist, and brought back memories of that road trip years ago. Check out more from Ezerd here!

Ezerd sticker art

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