I often go for a walk after dinner in the evenings, and as I’m walking around my neighborhood, I generally mind my own business and get my exercise. However, I recently noticed a home on my route that is usually well-lit inside and keeps the front curtains open, inviting a look inside. In 99% of similar situations, one could expect to see a modestly-decorated suburban interior and one wouldn’t spend more than a second or two glancing at it. But in this case, I found myself stopped for a minute, trying to understand what I was seeing, and found myself quite intrigued.

As you can see, there’s a lot of plants in there, lots of different kinds of plants, it’s a bit of a jungle feel. But then there’s the taxidermy deer head mounted on the wall, and it has a Panama Jack hat on! And overseeing this whole scene is a two foot tall Jesus sculpture. It all makes me curious as to what else is in there???

home interior with deer head, Panama jack hat, plants, and Jesus

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