(KSN) — Some local art students are creating lifesize masterpieces out of plastic wrap and tape.

The sculptures are built off of students posed for settings ranging from dancing to falling down the stairs.

The process starts with yards and yards of plastic wrapped around arms and legs and torsos.

That makes it easier to separate the model from the end result.

“You’ll wrap several like four or five layers of tape. And then you’ll cut the person out, or the arm. And then you’ll tape it all together,” LHS Art Student Matthew Brenneman said.

“But this is so much different because it’s 3D actually and we can touch it and everything. So I think everyone is having a lot of fun with it,” LHS art student Serena Canka said.

There will be nearly a dozen of the tape statues when the students are done.

They will be on display at the high school and around town at sites like the Square and Lamar Greenhouse.

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