“We only have a steady pay-cheque when we’re touring.”

The Ringwood East lads are Australia’s unofficial gold record-holders from albums purchased by impressed pedestrians and fans at shows: about 45,000.

They now have a new single, Kanko. “It’s our first release in two years, we’re stoked!” chirps Pat. Kanko is a mountain they visited in Japan and the name of Jack’s dog.

But their national tour is off. Jack had to cancel his New Zealand wedding, too.

This messed up plans for Kanko’s video, which they were going to film in the New Zealand mountains; they made do with Jack’s home recording studio and mixed in with footage from the road, says Pat.

Jack is nesting with his pregnant fiancee, who is in her third trimester. Pat’s working on a new initiative, Balancing Act.

“It’s something I put together with a social worker friend, Prue Walker. Balancing Act reduces social isolation by interacting through music, song, dance, art and stories with young people with disability.”

How you can help: Stream Kanko on Spotify, buy their merch at www.spacemirrormerch.com/collections/pierce-brothers and check out www.balancingactaustralia.com

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