“Hype can definitely kill a show,” says Kalina, who points out that while marketing departments used to create buzz it’s now the domain of social media.

Idato agrees but says, “It’s a necessary dance because if you don’t have hype you land in an incredibly congested market – and you need something to sell yourself to the audience.”

Similar to Netflix’s Space Force, which launched last month with an in-built audience thanks to Steve Carell, Belgravia draws fans of the hugely successful period drama Downton Abbey. But would they have found Downton 2.0, or something completely different?

“It’s a much, much darker reflection of Julian Fellowes’ Downton world,” says Idato. “In Downton what we saw was people upheaved by circumstance and the world around them changing. In the world of Belgravia a lot of the upheaval is deeply personal.”

Though Rugendyke wasn’t a fan of the show – “I found it to be such a dirge… I fell asleep in episode three” – Kalina says it’s a further look at Fellowes’ great theme. “He wants to get to the bottom of what … honour and integrity are,” he says.

So did hype kill this particular show for our experts? Listen to the episode in the player above for Rugendyke, Kalina and Idato’s insights, as well as their discussion of a classic Australian TV show that Idato says “didn’t put a foot wrong”. And hit the link below to catch up on the entire season so far!

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