When last we checked in on Antiques Roadshow, a man literally fell over after receiving the valuation on an old Rolex.

The show’s popularity stems from its unrivalled ability to lull you off to sleep, coupled with the occasional grand reveal that treats you to a few minutes of usually stoic Brits struggling to contain some heightened emotions.

The latest superb reaction even has a bit of a South African connection.

Express explains:

BBC staple Antiques Roadshow is well-known for delivering some surprise valuations to its guests but tonight saw one duo left stunned after being given a shock valuation for a South African sculpture they believed to only be worth £2-3,000 as expert Jon Baddely delivered some very good news.

…The pair showed Jon a rare South Africa sculpture which had been passed through their family.

Jon gave some background on the item, revealing it to be an original Anton van Vouw – a Dutch-born, Pretoria-based artist who created the sculpture in South Africa in 1902, and is regarded as the father of South African sculpture (according to SA History Online, so don’t shoot the messenger).

When Jon went on to value the sculpture at between £60 000 and £80 000 (around R1,75 million), the couple couldn’t contain themselves.

Take a look:

“Oh dear,” she says.

That’s the equivalent of running in a circle screaming, as far as the British go.

Best look around your house. If you have a van Vouw tucked away, you could be looking at a serious payday.


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