Grand Designs

Grand Designs


Series return ★★★

Sunday, June 7, 7.40pm, ABC

Kevin McCloud delivers his opening gambit while rappelling down a cliff, to set the scene for the construction of yet another house in this series that resembles a very nice art gallery. The textiles designer and the engineer seemed happy messing about in boats on a canal in Cornwall, but they throw all that away to build a house of rocks and glass on the windswept Scottish coast. It’s impressive, if you like living in art galleries.

The interrupted 2020 AFL season boldly restarts with the Richmond v Collingwood clash.

The interrupted 2020 AFL season boldly restarts with the Richmond v Collingwood clash.Credit:



Thursday, June 11, 7.40pm, Seven

Footy without the fans felt weird the first time and no doubt it will feel weird now. But if lockdown has taught us anything, it’s gratitude. We learned to use Zoom and less toilet paper so surely we can adjust to the deafening silence from the stands as the interrupted season of 2020 boldly restarts. First up in the men’s game are two teams known for their vehemently passionate fans – Richmond and Collingwood.

Portrait Artist of the Year

Portrait Artist of the YearCredit:


Series return ★★★½

Tuesday, June 9, 7.30pm, Sky Arts

Portrait Artist of the Year returns for another delightful season, it’s sixth, with a fresh mix of professional and amateur artists, and sort-of-celeb sitters. As always, the range of styles and techniques among the artists is remarkable – as is the fact that they can whip up an impressive work in just four hours. And both the hosting and the criticism from the judges are low key and unpretentious. Watching paint dry should not be this entertaining. MH

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