The Kardashians this fly-on-the-wall series about a Noongar mum and her nine grown daughters is thankfully not, although some of the brood spend a lot of time preening. Rather, it is a gentle look at the everyday lives of this sprawling Perth family. At the start of season three, model Shenika is due to give birth, so an uneventful baby shower is arranged. Despite the lack of conflict, manufactured or otherwise, this is still more entertaining than Big Brother.

Gourmet Farmer Afloat

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New series ★★★

7.30pm, SBS Food

Leaving wife Sadie to run Fat Pig Farm, food critic turned sustainable restaurateur, Matthew Evans, heads off for a boating trip around Tasmania with mates, cheesemaker Nick Haddow and pig farmer, Ross O’Meara, to learn about the state’s culinary history. This is no ordinary blokes’ getaway – the boat is stacked with fine wine and boutique beer, terrine and heirloom vegetables. The three immediately squeeze into the galley to show off their skills, before going octopus fishing under the cover of darkness.

MasterChef Australia

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7.30pm, Ten

Celebrity drop-ins to this serious cook-off are all very well, but it’s when a big name in the foodie biz turns up to give the contestants a grilling that this show lives up to its reputation of putting food above all else. Tonight’s guest judge might not be a name in every household, but to those who know their fine dining, he’s a demi-god. Phil Wood from the Point Leo Estate on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula conducts a pressure test involving spuds, mushrooms and cauliflower.

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