The remarkable life of Kirsty Sword Gusmao, the Australian human rights activist once married to the first president of East Timor, former militant Xanana Gusmao, is told mostly by herself, with input from journalists, diplomats and former East Timor president Jose Ramos-Horta. The love story is underplayed, but the archives betray a giddy romance – love letters and paintings from the then political prisoner, balletic selfie videos from his infatuated supporter. All this against the backdrop of revolution.

The Next Step

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Series return ★★½

5.05pm, ABC ME

This Canadian teen soap, now into its seventh round, takes the hallmarks of every great dance movie, dilutes them with soda pop, then condenses what’s left into neat, half-hour episodes. Hopes, dreams, disappointments, trysts and misunderstandings play out in this sparkling rehearsal studio. The A-troupe, a bunch of clashing personalities with a healthily diverse range of body types, is united in a quest for the nationals. The dancey demographic will love it.

The Blacklist

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11.30pm, Seven

Post 9/11, the Russian villain favoured by Hollywood was swapped for a Middle Eastern version, but some recent crime thrillers have harked back to the Cold War archetype. As special agent turned mobster matriarch in this snaking uber-thriller, Katarina Rostova (Laila Robins) cuts as chilling a figure as Jodie Comer’s Killing Eve assassin. Here, Katarina is up to her old tricks, mining memories, stealing identities, and, by episode’s end, dealing a Darth Vader bombshell.

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