Now is the perfect time to catch up on the best books, films, television shows and podcasts you might have missed. Here are five fun family games to get you through the isolation of home quarantine, including some that can be played online with family and friends.

Exploding Kittens
Card game that’s like a combination of UNO and Russian roulette. Not as violent as it sounds. Get it at Target.

Not as dramatic as it sounds.

Not as dramatic as it sounds. Credit:Facebook

A little bit Pictionary and a little bit Balderdash and you can play it online with family and friends. Hit to learn how.

A good old-fashioned board game that favours those with a wide vocabulary. Available at Kmart.

App-based trivia bluffing game from the team behind Ellen DeGeneres’ popular Heads Up! app. Works well over Zoom.

Fastest player to discard their cards wins. In a word: chaos. Buy it from games stores or Amazon.

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