“I found it really engrossing from the beginning – the setting, the evocation of Depression-era Los Angeles, I think [titular star] Matthew Rhys looks so pained and damaged and morose that I was quite engaged,” Enker says.

“It is just so different from the Perry Mason that we’ve seen before, so different it could almost be called Jack Smith.”


Kalina says the character’s previously mysterious backstory means the reboot could go in almost any direction. “It’s fascinating,” he says. “I’m four episodes in and there’s yet to be a substantial courtroom scene. It’s funny that this character who is ubiquitous and inseparable from courtrooms [is now in this] world and backstory that they’ve invented.”

With Rugendyke, Enker and Kalina all giving the reboot their ticks of approval, the focus of the conversation moves to HBO, the prestige pay TV network behind Perry Mason, as well as shows including Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, The Sopranos, The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Succession. How much has HBO changed the television landscape and what has made the company so successful? Listen in the player above for the experts’ takes.

Later in the episode the panel plays Who Am I? – can you guess which Australian celebrity was born on December 18, 1968, on the Gold Coast and moved to Melbourne at the age of five? – and take a trip down memory lane with a look back at Australian classic A Country Practice.

Listen to the new episode above, or click the link below to catch up on the whole season so far, including discussions about Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon’s show Little Fires Everywhere, the twisting fact and fiction in The Great and why the super popular show Normal People might not have been as profound as it wanted to be.

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