Now is the perfect time to catch up on the best books, films, television shows and podcasts you might have missed. Here, five songs that make the perfect accompaniement to a night of cooking.

Billy Idol.

Billy Idol.

Don’t Know What’s Normal by Shintaro Sakamoto
If there was ever a song that demanded an overabundance of spaghetti and a whole lot of cheese, it’s this Japanese solo act, bringing good saucy vibes.

Cyprus Avenue by Van Morrison
They say baking is meant to ease anxiety. So it makes perfect sense to make spiced chocolate chip cookies while listening to a sigh of cellos.

Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol
We’re all spending an inordinate amount of time inside at the moment, so why not shake things up with this ’80s pop banger, while making a solitary salad?

Give Up the Funk by Parliament
Deep, dark sexy funk, for some deep, dark sexy home pickling in readiness for a deep, dark solitary few months.

Aloha Steve & Danno by Radio Birdman
Some early Aussie punk to chase the blues away while self-soothing with a very large glass of gin is just what the doctor would order, if they were allowed.

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