Lexus seeks new publicity

Channel Nine reporter Madeline Slattery (left) and her sister Eloise are seen in the Lexus marquee.

Channel Nine reporter Madeline Slattery (left) and her sister Eloise are seen in the Lexus marquee.Credit:AAP

Lexus’s luxury marquee was once considered a go-to destination for celebrities and socialites inside the Birdcage at Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival but it seems the luxe car-dealer has rethought its publicity for 2020. Emerald City hears “Australia’s leading luxury communications agency” EVH has been dropped by Lexus after a years-long partnership. Sources say Lexus was not impressed by feedback that some EVH staff were allegedly “rude” to race-goers at last year’s carnival.

“Recently, we decided to review arrangements for our lifestyle public relation services,”
a spokesperson for Lexus confirmed.

“From time to time, Lexus reviews its agency relationships as part of best practice processes with a focus on enhancing our operations in Australia.”

In an incident unrelated to the recent Lexus announcement, Emerald City’s sister column Private Sydney had a run-in with EVH director Emma Van Handel at Derby Day in 2018 after being “Man-handeled’ inside the Lexus Marquee.


“Sydney publicity wrangler Emma Van Handel, hired to look after [Elle] Macpherson, launched her entire body onto PS in order to stop a modest iPhone shot of the model – sans sunglasses – from happening,” PS wrote at the time.

Make-up chain pushes coronavirus panic button

There’s nothing like a deadly virus to spark panic across the harbour city or even the world.

Last week make-up chain Sephora hosted its brand showcase at Sydney Town Hall for media, celebrities and influencers. And while Emerald City was left off the guest list, some invitees forwarded the invitation to my inbox after what seemed like profiling of potential coronavirus patients.

Sephora suspends makeover services due to coronavirus fears.

Sephora suspends makeover services due to coronavirus fears.Credit:Photo: Dallas Kilponen

“Sephora and its parent company LVMH are aware of the current coronavirus and take their duty of care seriously. As a result, they have implemented several precautions to ensure the health and wellbeing of all guests at the event, and kindly request your cooperation in informing us if you have travelled through Asia since 1st January 2020,” the email stated.

“Additionally, if you have travelled to mainland China since 1st January 2020 we kindly advise that you refrain from attending the event.”

Sephora’s month-long quarantine period is nearly three times that required by NSW Health.
Emerald City understands Sephora has cancelled trade shows in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand since the virus struck.

The make-up chain has also emailed customers to advise that “all custom makeover services and makeup lessons will be suspended until further notice”.

Adrian Grenier attended the 151st Melbourne Cup, at Flemington in 2011

Adrian Grenier attended the 151st Melbourne Cup, at Flemington in 2011Credit:AAP

Adrian Grenier lapping up singledom in Australia

Former Entourage hunk Adrian Grenier, currently Down Under filming the Netflix series Clickbait, is wasting no time getting acquainted with some of the local talent. Sources in Melbourne, where Grenier is based during filming, spied the actor on a date with a red-headed bartender.

The source said they overheard the Hollywood star delivering “cheesy” and “rehearsed” lines to his date despite her obvious disinterest. Awkward.

Grenier was in Sydney last month for a mate’s birthday bash on the harbour, retiring to a model’s home in Bondi for an afterparty that lasted until the wee hours.

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