I have! I love it down under! I love everything about Australia … except the Vegemite. I am sorry, I am sorry, I think it is either something you have to be born into, or it is an acquired taste, and I just need to come visit you more often. I think that’s what it is.

What is your favourite food?

Oh, you’re starting off very controversially.



You brought up Vegemite, is all.

I know, I know … um … peanut butter. If we’re talking about spreads, I would prefer peanut butter over the Vegemite.

You’ve been living on Sesame Street for a long time now.

My whole life! Proud Sesame Streetie … Streetisian? I’m not really sure what we call ourselves. Streeter. Sesame Streeter. That sounds cool and hip.

You’ve always been cool and hip.

Do not forget cute and adorable too!

Obviously, that goes without saying. In your time on Sesame Street, you’ve met a lot of famous people, a lot of celebrities.

You know, Sesame Street, it just turned 50! We celebrated a big birthday on Sesame Street, and you are right, a lot of celebrities stopped by, and they all came for this. There was Patti LaBelle, and Elvis Costello, and Norah Jones, and my good friend JGL.


Joseph Gordon Levitt. Good friends call him JGL. I really like saying letters of the alphabet, so …

You are a monster, is that right?

Yes. Yes I am. Yep.

A lot of people say they’re scared of monsters: why do you think that is, when monsters are really lovely, like you?

Well, you know, I will tell you a little secret. There was a book called A Monster At The End of This Book. And I got so scared reading it, because even I was afraid! I was afraid, and I felt so silly at the end, because it turned out the monster was me! And I am cute and adorable, I am not scary at aaaallll! Just because somebody looks a certain way, or they’re known as a monster, it does not mean they are scary. You have to get to know the person behind the fur.

Are you friends with the other monsters on Sesame Street?

Oh sure, Elmo, Cookie Monster, the whole gang. Elmo is fun. He laughs all the time, it is infectious.

You love to laugh, too. But you also love to make people laugh, because you’re a very funny guy.

Oh thank you, thank you. Want to hear a joke? Why was the loaf of bread so angry all the time?

I don’t know.

Because everything always went a-RYE. Ahahahahahahaha! You like that one.

I love that one.

I love bread jokes. They never go stale.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, speaking of bread, a lot of people are learning to bake. And so I’ve been trying to do that myself actually. I’m not very good at it, though. I take the dough, and I put it on the counter and I wait for it to rise, because that is what you’re supposed to do. And I wait and wait and wait, and it never floats up off the counter! I do not know what I am doing wrong.

Fifty years of Sesame Street – have you been on Sesame Street that whole time?

Um … I don’t know.

You don’t know how old you are?

Well … let’s just put it this way: I have had a lot of jobs on Sesame Street, but I have never been an accountant. I’m not too good with the numbers. If you’ve got a number question, ask the Count.

I wish I could, but he’s so hard to get hold of.

I guess you just need his number.

What are some of the jobs you’ve had on Sesame Street?

I’ve had so many: I’ve been a waiter, I’ve been a taxi driver, I’ve been a used hot dog salesman. Wait, maybe not that last one. But right now, I am a grocery delivery monster. You know, not everybody can go outside and go to the grocery store, and so I shop for them and deliver their groceries.

That’s really nice.

Yes, I think so! And I go above and beyond too. Like, when there is a sale for something, even if it is not on their list, I go and get it for them.

Are they very grateful for that?

I do not know, I just drop the groceries off and leave.

You don’t talk to them at all?

I am a very busy monster, I have lots of … when you have just delivered three hundred pounds of alfalfa sprouts …

That’s a lot of sprouts.

It’s a lot of sprouts, but I saved one gentleman $2.75.

What is the best thing about living on Sesame Street?

My friends.

That’s beautiful.

Do you think that’s good enough to end the interview on?

I think it is, I know you’re a very busy monster …

That is OK, if you have a follow-up on that one, go for it.

Who is your best friend?

Oh no! Oh no! I should’ve quit while I was ahead! They are all my best friends, I cannot name one, I cannot single anyone out.

Is Oscar the Grouch one of your best friends?

Oh, I love Oscar.

I get the feeling you love everyone.

I do. It does not matter who they are, how grouchy they may be, how much they smell.

And that’s why we love you, Grover.

I do not smell, do I?

No, I mean we love you because you love everyone.

Is this going to be a good writeup?

I think this will be the best I’ve ever done.

If it’s lacking, you can make some stuff up.

Sesame Street is on ABC Kids, daily, 6am, 9.30am.

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