Prince Philip and Sue Other-Gee in Sydney in the mid 1940s.

Prince Philip and Sue Other-Gee in Sydney in the mid 1940s.Credit:Sydney Morning Herald

Indeed Australia has played a key role throughout his life.

During the war he spent time in Sydney, Melbourne, Western Australia and Tasmania as a naval officer, and after the 1954 tour with the Queen, he made 16 solo trips in addition to those with his wife.

Even before he joined “the firm”, Sydney had left quite an impression on Phil the Greek several years before he tied the knot with Princess Elizabeth in 1947.

He reportedly squired three young beauties around town during his time here, including one society belle named Sue Other-Gee.

Another equally beguiling Sydney beauty named Sandra Jacques also spent “quality time” with the then single blue blood.

A third, named Georgina Kennard, is claimed to have enjoyed rendezvous with the handsome young prince in a Sydney boatshed.

In several books by British author Gyles Brandreth, a former Tory MP, journalist and a long-time friend of Prince Philip, he writes the Duke had been linked to scores of beautiful, aristocratic and often younger women over the decades.

Australian London-based film producer Robin Dalton told Brandreth that she met the Prince two years before he married the Queen and claimed he had two special Australian girlfriends.

“A society girl called Sue Other-Gee, and then Sandra Jacques that was a terrific love affair. A very full love affair.”

Other-Gee died 36 years ago in Rose Bay and gave away all her wealth to an orphanage but had reportedly kept a scrap book which was filled with mementos from her time with Prince Philip.

“At the end, she was just a sad, lonely person, living alone with nothing to look forward to,” her niece, Sue Nicholls, a farmer’s wife from central NSW who inherited the precious scrapbook revealed in 2004.

“As you flick through the scrapbook, you glimpse the extraordinary life she lived and the circles she moved in. It is no surprise that she met Prince Philip and formed a relationship with him.

“No one knows how close it was but it was evident that the friendship continued for many years, even after he married the Queen.

Not telling: the late Dame Barbara Cartland.

Not telling: the late Dame Barbara Cartland.

“Prince Philip did not keep Sue a secret from his wife. He introduced her to the Queen, I believe, when the royal yacht Britannia berthed in Sydney on their coronation tour of the world.”

As for Sandra Jacques, she was a glamorous Sydney nightclub singer, once photographed by the great Max Dupain, who died in 2004, aged 82, and sadly taking the details of her time with Prince Philip with her.

According to the late Dame Barbara Cartland, at least one of Prince Philip’s Australian liaisons resulted in a child.

“I know all about Philip’s illegitimate daughter in Melbourne,” she was reported telling Britain’s Daily Mail some years ago. “But I’m not going to talk about it.”

Cartland claimed her informant was her close friend Earl Mountbatten, Philip’s uncle and mentor.

And who could forget twice-bankrupted, self-styled “lord” Andrew Battenberg, who claims he is the illegitimate son of Prince Philip.

“Batty” was last in he news after he launched legal action to get part of his late aunt’s $7 million estate.

Lord Andrew Battenberg, who claims to be Prince Philip’s illegitimate son.

Lord Andrew Battenberg, who claims to be Prince Philip’s illegitimate son.Credit:Sydney Morning Herald

Adopted from Hornsby Hospital in August 1962, Battenberg has since claimed that when he was 21 a mysterious letter arrived from England, containing the Barony of Craigstown and access to an endowment in the form of the Battenberg Trust 103.

In reality, Andrew Lee purchased the title himself and began styling himself as Lord Andrew of Craigstown. He then changed his name to Lord Andrew Battenberg and, while bankrupted in Australia for not paying the costs of a failed lawsuit against his previous solicitors, he moved to Scotland in 2004 where he changed his name again to Lord Leitrim.

Over the years, he has repeatedly suggested that his real father is the Duke of Edinburgh.

However, just how Prince Philip’s “love child” came to be born in Hornsby Hospital has never been explained.

If only Dame Barbara Cartland were still alive today.

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