What I’m watching: Ozark on Netflix. I must admit I haven’t had a television since my children were born. One of the best things you can do as a creative is to throw your TV out, but it got to the point where our kids were feeling a bit too left out of stuff socially. Ozark stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, who are such amazing actors. He’s a finance guy who gets caught up in an illegal drug cartel situation and it follows that through three extremely intense series. It’s super addictive. One night I was glad my laptop battery went dead because I would have just kept watching. And Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag. It’s so great to see such quality television created by a playwright and a theatre actor; it’s a very clear difference. You can feel their work has a different authenticity. It’s so fresh and exciting. I devoured that show, absolutely loved it.

Katie Noonan has been watching Ozark, listening to Stella Donnelly and thinking about grief.

Katie Noonan has been watching Ozark, listening to Stella Donnelly and thinking about grief. Credit:Paul Harris

What I’m listening to: My latest record [The Sweetest Taboo] is all the albums that blew my mind as a kid, so I’ve been listening to those again. It’s specifically 1984 to 1988, and God, that was an amazing time for adventurous pop songwriting and for incredible women like Whitney Houston and Cyndi Lauper and Annie Lennox smashing the charts. I’ve been trying to get back to the art of listening, which I think is something we’ve perhaps lost our way with a little. I’m also loving Stella Donnelly, a really beautiful artist from Perth. I first heard that song Boys Will Be Boys, which really hit me hard with its searing honesty. Then I saw her at the Woodford Folk Festival live and she’s just fabulous. I’m excited to see where her music goes. I reckon G-Flip’s bloody cool, I’ve been really enjoying her Live at the Wireless stuff.

I’m keeping the kids entertained by: I have two boys, one turned 15 in iso, and we’ve got three Taureans, so we’ve had three iso birthday parties. They’ve just gone back to school and have been enjoying that; they wanted to see their mates. The best thing you can do in iso is have a dog. They keep you busy and they’re the happiest because their owners are home all day. I’m so glad we have Sassy the staffy.

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