Here are five ways even Muriel and her Porpoise Spit mates could enjoy the Palm Beach life.

The house

What it’s got: A star of the film in its own right, this mansion is a place even royalty would dream of, thanks mainly to the million-dollar view. Blue waters to the horizon, a strip of sand tempting you for a dip, bushland to keep neighbours out and the wildlife in? It’s all there.

How you can get it: The best most of us get is a view of the neighbour’s yard, usually staring at washing that never seems to come in. But, maybe that’s the solution! This Christmas gift the family next door a supply of tropical singlets and boxer shorts, complete with flowers, birds and more. Then, when it’s wash day, voila, a tropical view!

A dining table for ten

What it’s got: When friends drop by, nothing beats dinner al fresco with everyone sitting together to take in the view (which hopefully isn’t a washing line). The trick is to have a table big enough for everyone to share, something the Palm Beach crew certainly have.

How you can get it: Need a huge table at the drop of a hat? Want to open up the house so serving from the kitchen is easier at the same time? Simple! Just unscrew the kitchen and back doors, lay them over a couple of old saw horses and you solve both problems. Bonus tip: Doona covers (with the quilt removed) make an excellent table cloth.

Entertaining guests, Palm Beach-style, is all about the furniture.

Entertaining guests, Palm Beach-style, is all about the furniture.Credit:Universal Sony

An infinity pool

What it’s got: Yes, there’s a view of the bay just off the balcony, but with this pool you get to laze in the water without the hassle of actually having to get in the car and drive to the shore, share towel space with annoying tourists or worry about sand in your Speedos. Luxury!

How you can get it: The trick here is to flip your thinking. An infinity pool with a view of the sea is simple if you stop trying to stay away from the sea. Take a cheap kids’ wading pool to the beach, fill it with water and you’ve got the same view, only closer. And the sandy bathers problem? Just choose a ‘clothing optional’ beach.

A yoga/dance floor over the pool

What it’s got: Every star needs a catwalk, every diva needs a stage and the Palm Beach mansion’s timber deck hanging over the pool is all that and more. The perfect place to pose before heading in for a dip.

How you can get it: Remember the doors you pulled down to make a dining table? And the wading pool that made you the envy of the nude beach set? Just lay a door over the edge of the pool and you’ve got an instant catwalk. Only use the one door, however, as the second one might come in handy for another project later.

The treehouse

What it’s got: A rustic escape from the world that takes you back to your carefree childhood days, this treehouse is the perfect retreat; a great way to slip off for a few hours alone or share some gossip with an old friend far from prying ears.

How you can get it: This one has to be the simplest DIY project ever. Drop by the local gardening supplies store, pick up an acorn and bring it home. Bury it in a convenient spot in the back yard, then grab the other door you’ve already pulled down (we told you it would come in handy!), lay it over the top and wait a few years for nature to take its course.

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