Premiered during Nuart Aberdeen 2019 a little under one year ago, Imaginary City by MZM projects‘ Kristina Borhes and Nazar Tymoshchuk brings us an exclusive look inside the philosophy of one of the world’s first and oldest “Street Art” festivals – Nuart.

Organized annually since 2001, with Nuart Aberdeen added to the mix since 2017, these events are continuously setting standards and pushing boundaries for similar festivals worldwide. Aside from an obvious aspect of supporting creativity and producing public work by some of the leading street artists from around the world, Nuart also developed Nuart Plus program with an idea to stimulate debate by challenging entrenched notions of what public art is, what it can be, and who it is for. Imaginary City brings exclusive conversation with some of the leading academic and media experts involved in determining and defining the relationship between Street Art and art history, such as Nuart Founder and Curator Martyn Reed, Juxtapoz Magazine’s Evan Pricco, Independent Graffiti and Street Art Scholar Javier Abarca and renowned pop culture and art critic Carlo McCormick.

Sasha Bogojev

About Sasha Bogojev

Growing up skateboarding I always enjoyed board graphics, Toy Machine adds and art section in Thrasher magazine. Around that time I started flirting with graffiti which eventually lead to appreciating street and urban art. Few years later I ended up with an Internet based job. Too much online time on my hands resulted in getting involved in art related forums, and finally writing for various art websites.

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