I had the tv on while having lunch the other day, when a commercial came on promoting the idea of buying gold during these chaotic times. The idea of buying gold doesn’t appeal to me right now, but I was drawn in by some of the alarmist talk in the beginning of the commercial, so I started to watch. After the guy gets his shipment of gold as an investment, he puts it into a safe … hidden behind a generic landscape painting that must be on hinges, as it swings closed to cover the safe in the wall. My first reaction was – wow, how cool is that? Art as decoy!

safe hidden behind painting

While I don’t have anything here in my home that requires a safe, and don’t have a safe, I still like the idea of having something hidden behind a painting on one of my walls, and wondered, how could I do that? I’m not going to do it, but get a kick out of the fact that if I wanted to, this Wisconsin-based handyman and video blogger Nick Ferry tells us exactly how to create a hidden space in the wall and put art on hinges to cover it up! Check out Nick’s video below:

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