Tackling life in lockdown with humour and honesty, Welcome To Hell is a new podcast from comedian Meshel Laurie and long-time friend, comedian and health professional Nelly Thomas, which centres on the pressures and stress of homeschooling.

“I thought we could make everyone else feel better about how they are going, because I knew I’d be going terribly,” Laurie says. “I knew that [Thomas] would probably be going a bit better, but she’d be honest if she wasn’t.”

Meshel Laurie: "I'd never meditated on the stages of grief before."

Meshel Laurie: “I’d never meditated on the stages of grief before.”

Thomas describes the show as “a bunch of fat old birds sitting and talking about the things we’ve always talked about,” though Laurie adds that “there’s quite a bit more drinking. A lot of hiding from our children and drinking.”

Aside from the terrors of raising kids in lockdown, the podcast has also welcomed guests to talk about the stress on workers in supermarkets, the impact of the crisis on renters and landlords, and what it’s like living in lockdown in the US.

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