Kinderling started as a side project, born out of community radio in Sydney. Evan Kaldor, the station’s founder, says the idea for the station was suggested by a babysitter.

“My partner and I just had our first baby, and we were talking to our babysitter around our kitchen table about [radio]. And she said where’s the kids radio format? And I thought that there has to be one. It’s a very obvious idea. But we had a look, and we couldn’t find one anywhere in the world.” says Kaldor.


Kaldor spent the next two years researching the perfect kids radio station for Australian audiences, using focus groups to figure out what the average Australian’s family routine looked like: when they woke, when they went to sleep, and the difficult “witching hours” of the late afternoon when tempers can be frayed. Kaldor also worked with early educators to fill the needs of childcare centres, and create music and podcasts for that audience.

“And then there’s sleep, which is the holy grail for all families”, says Kaldor. Kinderling has a fantastic podcast called Bedtime Explorers, which gently prepares kids for sleep, using meditation techniques. Bedtime Explorers has become a nightly ritual in our home, and is available via the Kinderling app, or any podcast player, which makes it easy to call up on any smart speaker.

Kinderling’s resident scientist, Mr Snot Bottom, has explained the coronavirus in kid friendly language, and reinforced the need for social distancing and hand hygiene. His is just one of a collection of excellent, educational podcasts you can find in the app, and in most podcast players.

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