I received a press release about “L.E.S. Gallery Evening,” which takes place this coming Thursday, January 21st, from 4-8pm. I didn’t realize that there were as many as 65 art galleries on the Lower East Side of NYC, but that’s the number of galleries participating in this event! You can get a PDF here if you would like to have a map, a listing of the participating galleries, and short blurbs on each show. If you can’t make the event but want to browse online, the same PDF lists the websites for the respective galleries.

Altoon Sultan paintings
McKenzie Fine Art is one of 65 art galleries participating in the L.E.S. Gallery Evening on January 21, 2021

The above is an installation shot of Altoon Sultan’s work at McKenzie Fine Art at 55 Orchard Street in NYC. You can learn more about the artist and this show on their website here. I remember seeing a group of Altoon Sultan’s work while visiting the gallery back in February 2019, and they are stunning works, especially if you get a chance to see them up close in person!

If you’re wondering about attending this type of event during the current atmosphere with Covid, I was informed that it’s up to the individual galleries as to the number of people they will allow in at any given time, and that all of the galleries require visitors to wear masks.

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