In part one of this week’s mid-year special of The Televisionaries podcast, TV experts from The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald discuss their top shows of the year so far.

On that list is Amazon Prime’s Tales from the Loop. While the show seems to have flown under the radar, Spectrum‘s deputy editor Kylie Northover says it deserves much more attention.

Amazon's Tales from the Loop is the most unique sci-fi in years.

Amazon’s Tales from the Loop is the most unique sci-fi in years.Credit:Amazon Prime

“It has blown me away, it’s by far the best thing I’ve seen all year,” she says. “It’s unlike any sci-fi, really, that I’ve seen before – I don’t even know if it is sci-fi. It’s an unusual series and it’s based on the art of Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag … which is a strange starting point for a series.

“The Loop is a sort of underground, experimental physics laboratory – one of the things I like about [the show] is that there’s not a lot of spoon-feeding in this. Nothing is certain, but this Loop affects the whole town. It’s eight episodes and each episode focuses on one of the town’s inhabitants, who is in either a small way or a large way affected by the strange goings-on in the Loop.”

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