The idea of hand-painted rock gardens with tributes to coronavirus first responders and health care workers seems to be the evolution of the initial ones we saw in the suburb of Glen Ridge, NJ that offered words of encouragement. Here’s a new one we just saw while out on a dog walk the other day:

painted slate stones to honor coronavirus health care workers

As you can see in this detail, we have a “stay safe” message along with several red crosses and the emphatic “Nurses Rock! Thank you First Responders!”

painted rocks for covid-19 first responders and nurses

But I think my favorite pair of painted stones in this collection are these (below). Sure, they go off-topic in not being related to the coronavirus pandemic, but who can argue with the artistic merits of this group of big cats – a family of lions and tigers standing together (lower left), and the pack of wolves, bobcats, and leopards taking over the mountains (below at right). It makes me think of a 21st Century Suburban update on ancient cave paintings!

rock art with drawings of lions, tigers, leopards, bobcats and wolves

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