I was enjoying a day at the beach yesterday, relaxing at Ocean Grove, but after enjoying the sun and waves, made my way over to Asbury Park to wander around. I saw something striking in the window at the Parlor Gallery, and had to get a closer look. I was able to get this photo from the doorway – without being able to go inside, as the gallery was closed at that particular time.

Adam Wallacavage octopus chandelier at Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park

This octopus chandelier – which I would love to have hanging over my dining room table – is by Adam Wallacavage, and after looking at the Parlor Gallery website in order to ID it, I realized that I had seen other chandeliers by Wallacavage in NYC about 5 years ago. Doing a little more research, I found this great video showing a tour of his home, which is pretty fascinating:

To learn more about Adam Wallacavage and his work, check out his design site here.

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