Lenox Hill

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There are clearly many, many things wrong with the US health system. But there’s no question that country is also home to some remarkable health professionals and this deceptively simple documentary provides a terrific showcase for four of them. Lenox Hill is the New York hospital that is not renowned. Most of the staff could have found more prestigious and more lucrative work elsewhere. Why they chose this one is at least as much the story as the patients or their treatment. The action is divided between four main players and they create a particularly effective quartet: two neurosurgeons, an Emergency doctor and the head of Ob-Gyn. Two of the doctors are pregnant and some of the brain surgery is complicated and high-stakes but what makes this so rewarding – and so unusual, in terms of TV shows about doctors – is how really compelling drama is found in the small things. A baby popping out without complications or Dr Mirtha in ER treating a young man’s bum boils are every bit as engaging as a four-part procedure to remove a tumour from a women’s spine. All the doctors are articulate and thoughtful about the work they do. And in some contrast to Grey’s Anatomy, the neurosurgical team practice a moment’s mindfulness before beginning a procedure, rather than arguing about their love lives.

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