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New series ★★★★


Anna Kendrick makes for the perfect everygirl in this charming New York romcom. The conceit of the anthology series is that each season will follow a character through the various stages of love. In season one that means Darby, a 20something with no clear idea about who she is, who she wants to become, or what she wants out of life – including in a romantic partner. The show is the brainchild of newcomer Sam Boyd, but he’s gathered some serious firepower behind the scenes (including Kendrick, Paul Feig, and Bridget Bedard and Ali Liebegott, both of whom wrote for Transparent) and that mix of freshness and experience informs every scene. On the one hand, this is as light and fluffy as vanilla mousse, and goes down just as easily. On the other, it’s regularly punctuated by home truths about intimate relationships, the way we get into and out of them, and how we behave (or misbehave) while we’re in them that pack a real punch. The cast is an equally eclectic mix of names like Kendrick, familiar faces (Peter Vack, Scott McNairy) and newbies you want to know more about. The result is delicious entertainment that’s a lot more intelligent, and subtle, than it at first appears.

Melinda Houston

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