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It’s high time we had a futuristic vision that wasn’t horrendously dystopian. So thank you to Greg Daniels for bringing us something that, sure, has some bleak things to say about where we’re all heading, but has managed to do it with the lightest of touches, and some genuine laughs. Daniels is best known for The Office and Parks and Rec – shows that weren’t afraid to laugh at the worst of ourselves, as well as show us the best. Here Daniels continues to mine the horror and absurdity of bureaucracy and office life, but expands his scope to explore the possibilities of technology for both niceness, and evil. The plot runs thus: in the future, if you have the funds, you can use an app – Upload – which allows your consciousness to live forever in a VR Heaven. When likeable egotist Nathan (Robbie Amell) achieves the impossible by having a fatal crash in a self-driving car, his rich girlfriend uses her unlimited data plan to send him there. The set-up allows for a cross-dimensional romance; for an element of mystery (how did Nathan manage to crash a self-driving car?); and a lot of gags about where tech might take us in the near future – as well as some thoughtful insights into what it means to be human. Melinda Houston

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