“I’ve interviewed lots of business leaders and political leaders and visionaries, but these people will be different and special, because they’ve backed themselves to go from a small idea to build great businesses, great empires or great movements, and turned it into something really worthwhile,” Dalley says. “It’s not people who have inherited wealth.”

In recent weeks Dalley has released special episodes focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, which she says have really resonated with her audience.

“[I’ve talked to] extraordinary frontline doctors and virologist experts on how they’ve been building the campaign to battle this germ war, people exploding some internet myths or caring for patients in ICU in one of the busiest hospitals in Boston, in the virus epicentre of the United States”, she says.

“I’ve also released interviews with some interesting startups and established entrepreneurial businesses who are pivoting to make ventilators, testing swabs or other crucial weapons to help Australia in this crisis, and add to our national medical stockpile. All done remotely, and with social distancing. It’s really amped up the podcast, as they’re current, and these interviews are inspiring, insightful and informative.”

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