“We’ve actually ended up busier during this period,” says Eden, who is also an art therapist. The Carells kept their jobs as youth workers at City of Casey and shifted the rest of their work online.


Josh says: “We created Art Therapy resources for our website, our spoken word nights have moved to fortnightly instead of once a month and we are running our therapeutic Art Spaces every Saturday morning.

“Our larger events such as our Outdoor Cinema Nights and fundraisers have unfortunately been cancelled.”

The Carells moved past the bickering brother and sister phase years ago. In their isolation bubble they hung with their cats, shooting hoops and eating plant-based food from their roommate/personal chef.

Eden is keeping her head high in these uncertain times, ignoring “the classics: racists, sexists, bigots, unkind people and those calling from unknown numbers.

“Luckily our roommate/personal chef is also a professional videographer, which has made putting our spaces online really easy!”

How you can help: join their free Spoken Word Night on Thursday evening and look out for their weekend Online Art Spaces at www.facebook.com/liitlefootandcompany

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