Now is the perfect time to catch up on the best books, films, television shows, music and podcasts you might have missed. Below are five recipe books that could almost pass as memoirs with their detailed anecdotes and personal photographs.

The cover of Luca Dotti's book, Audrey at Home.

The cover of Luca Dotti’s book, Audrey at Home.Credit:HarperCollins

Audrey at Home
Audrey Hepburn’s son pulled together this tribute to his mum, full of personal pictures, Audrey’s handwritten recipes and sweet stories.

The Missoni Family Cookbook
The aesthetics are as pleasing as the recipes inside. Filled to the brim with intimate images and ancdotes from the iconic Italian family.

If you know Chrissy Teigen, you’ll know what kind of humour and comfort food to expect here. Bonus: the life lessons along the way.

Notes From My Kitchen Table
Gwyneth Paltrow is generous on details of her family life and it feels a bit like reading her diary. Recipes are good, too.

Food, Health and Happiness
Yes, it’s a cookbook. But you’ll get more from Oprah’s incredibly personal notes about building a healthy relationship with herself, and food.

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