I’ve received a lot of viewer submissions of rock art sent to me over the years, but they’ve almost exclusively been pieces that were found in the United States, suggesting early Native American artifacts. So it came as a nice surprise and an interesting twist to get this image sent to me by a reader in the United Kingdom! The person explained that her 15 year-old daughter found this just a few days ago at Primrose Valley Beach in Yorkshire. I was curious to see where this was on a map, so I have included both the rock art face and a map image below:

rock art face found at Primrose Valley Beach in Yorkshire UK

Seeing what seems to be a clear indication of a forehead, eye sockets, a nose, and a mouth, I’m really curious about this type of rock art as it pertains to being an ancient British artifact … who was making this type of thing there so long ago? The piece measures approximately 5 inches long and 2 inches wide.

I’m slightly embarrassed to have such a U.S.-centric view of rock art, but I am not a rock art expert and I guess this (prior) viewpoint is a result of the majority of viewer submissions coming from various U.S. locations. I’m doing some internet research now, and came across this interesting introduction to “Prehistoric Rock Art in Historic England,” but would love to have anyone with more expertise in this geographic area share your knowledge in the comments section below!

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