Cries of Justice. The Song Company
St Mary’s Cathedral Crypt. February 14

The Song Company’s Cries of Justice concert, heard in the iridescently resonant acoustic of St Mary’s Cathedral Crypt, canvassed three thousand years of the Psalms of David with particular focus on the peerless, serenity of Renaissance polyphony. After taking a few moment to find balance and pitch, a highpoint of blended perfection came in Giaches de Wert’s Reges Tharsis in which the lines rose, blended and dissolved like the waves of tranquil sea.

Artistic Director Antony Pitts.

Artistic Director Antony Pitts.

Robert White’s Exaudiat te, Dominus had engaging and, based on the Song Company’s last exploration of this neglected English master, uncharacteristic ornamentation to the contrapuntal underlay. An interesting rarity was the arabesque-like charm of Peuples oyez by Paschal de l’Estrocart.

Benjamin Britten’s Deus in adjutorium meum created an austere connection across the centuries with Deliver me from mine enemies by the 16th century English composer Robert Parsons. Felix Draeseke’s Der Herr ist Konig revealed him as a kindred spirit (and admittedly a lesser composer) to Bruckner. The program also included glories by des Prez, Ockeghem, Gombert, Byrd and others. If this is the music of paradise, it seems to live up to the hype.

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