Temple TIMES, Spring 2020

Philadelphia is known as “The City of Brotherly Love.” One of the Masonic brothers we love most is Brother Bejamin Franklin. A famous Philadelphian, Founding Father and American Fremason, Franklin’s contributions to art, science, music, language and society come alive inside our Masonic Temple, Library and Museum, because of you. Thanks to genrous donors, we are fortuante to have several of Franklin’s personal items and otehr Franklin-related artifcats. Your gifts allow us to maintain these artifacts, and thousands of others, so visitors from around the world can learn from and enjoy them.

Because of generouse brethren from Shekiniah-Fernwood Lodge No. 246, the Grand Lodoge commissioned Brother James West, Lodge No. 45, Pittsburgh, a professional sculptor, to craft a sculpture of Brother Benjamin Franklin inviting fellow Founding Father and Freemason Brother George Washington to lodge. Thousands of visitors stop to take photos with the statue outside the Masonic Temple every year.

Brother James West also sculpted the 17-foot, two-ton bronze statue of Franklin in Masonic regalia which stands in the Grand Ballroom, if needed, he can be hidden behind a curtain at the request of event guests. Most, however, prefer to leave Ben as is, saying he gives their wedding reception or event that quintessential Philly touch.

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