“So often, when you go into a network scenario, unless you hit the ground running, you’re not going to last, and you’re not going to get to explore the potential of the idea,” Robbins says. “And if you are successful, you’ve got to churn that same thing out, over and over, so you still can’t develop an idea [because the network will say], ‘No, this is what we’re paying for’.”

O’Neil says the pair “share more than we would on the radio…

“Commercial radio, you go beyond five or six minutes and your producer gets very nervous and starts winding you up, but with [Somehow Related] the freedom of no producer … and we don’t have any advertisers at the moment so there’s none of that either, and even if you do get ads, podcast ads don’t put pressure on you like they do on commercial radio.”

Robbins agrees.

“There’s something slightly more organic. You’re not second guessing yourself because there’s no time breaks or commercials. But as long as you’re being honest, I think the audience will go with you. It’s like comparing the rumpus room to the good room. On the radio, you’re kind of in the good room, so you remember your manners. [On the podcast] we’re just rolling around the floor of the rumpus room, and not really caring what we do.”

The pair began performing the podcast live, and had more shows planned until the coronavirus cancelled live events. O’Neil says the fans he met at those gigs reminded him of his early days at Melbourne community radio station, Triple R.

“I started off at Triple R, and it was like a cult. It doesn’t get huge ratings like a Fox FM, but the people that listen to it absolutely love it and they’re passionate about it. When I’d do a gig there would always be fans in the audience that knew me from Triple R, and they’d be the biggest fans. Podcasting is similar to that,” he says.

“People love having something in the office or work or their group of friends that only they know about and they’re a fan of. And when you meet another fan, it’s amazing. It’s like being the only Depeche Mode fan in the office, then hearing someone else playing Depeche Mode – it’s pretty exciting.”

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