“Reno artist Jeff Johnson installed a guerrilla art piece near Keystone Avenue and McCarran Boulevard earlier this evening. The piece was made of neon tubes placed on the ground and was lit from approximately 7:30-8:30, long enough to draw the attention of a few passing motorists, mountain bikers and pedestrians. Johnson said the impetus for this piece was simple—it’s a version of Nevada’s unofficial new COVID-19-era slogan, “Stay home, Nevada,” a play on our more permanent tagline and state song title, “Home Means Nevada.”


Downtown Reno’s nighttime skyline, usually gleaming with casino-tower lights, has been dark since the state ordered most businesses closed. (The pink glow in the background is the Grand Sierra Resort on Second Street. The dark downtown casinos are on the left.)


Photos: Kris Vagner

In the cover photo at the top of the page, the small red lights on the left are on the Silver Legacy casino, which usually glows bright green.

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