It’s hard to believe that it’s been 16 years since the Artsology debut of Junior Bop and Lil’ Groove, who joined the site as characters in the fall of 2004 in order to provide music reviews, usually related to jazz albums. The image below shows Lil’ Groove checking out his original music review masthead. Over the years, this dynamic duo had features on The Bad Plus, Christian Scott and Stretch Music, and even a lesson on Jazz Scat Singing.

Lil' Groove looking at himself, the Jazz music reviewer

Well, this focus on how long ago Lil’ Groove first appeared explains my own surprise at sharing the following pictures … Lil’ Groove is now grown up, and is a college freshman! He sent me the following pictures yesterday while walking the streets of Providence, Rhode Island, exploring his new location.

The first pair of pictures shows a mural (and detail) on the Hanley Building on Pine Street in Providence. The mural, painted by Johan Bjurman in 1987, is done in a trompe l’oeil style, and shows a faux facade of windows and architectural details, which just so happen to be “curling up” to reveal a brick wall and graffiti underneath!

Johan Bjurman mural in Providence

The second pair of pictures sent to me by Lil’ Groove show a mural (and detail) by Andrew Hem, of a woman seated in front of a tree.

Andrew Hem mural Providence

To learn more about Andrew Hem, check out his website here. To learn more about the first artist, Johan Bjurman, check out his website here. And to Lil’ Groove, do your thing and do it well! (and thanks for sharing your explorations with us!)

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