I was out for an evening walk the other day in my Belleville (NJ) neighborhood, when I turned a corner onto a street that I hadn’t been on before, and saw a “battle” of Christmas lights! The block was relatively quiet except for two houses, which were directly across the street from each other, and with their respective displays of Christmas decorations, it seemed like a “face off” for bragging rights, with the Hatfields on the left side of the street against the McCoys on the right side.

Here’s the two homes – I wish I had a better photo showing the whole block, because what made this stick out was that there were almost no other Christmas decorations on any other houses, just these two bright displays that lit up the whole street. Scroll down for a look at our “winner” between the Hatfields and McCoys …

Hatfield and McCoy competing Christmas displays in Belleville NJ
Competing Christmas decoration displays in Belleville, NJ

We’ll give the nod to the house on the right, and I think this video walk-around below will help show why they “win” with their multimedia sound and light show!

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