She arrived by Qantas from London on Friday and will be here for a month to appear at the St. George Leagues Club in Sydney. She has visited Australia twice before, in 1963 and 1966.

“I have more or less tried to be successful singing the modern songs,” said Miss Lynn, who is Mrs Harry Lewis in private life. “Last year, for instance, I recorded a song ‘It Hurts to Say Goodbye,” but I’ll admit that it didn’t do well.

“People have difficulty accepting me in a new role. Sometimes they do, but if I make an album with all my old songs, it sells like mad. Being constantly reminded that you were the `Sweetheart of the Forces’ is nice in a way, but it certainly makes one dwell in the past.”

Miss Lynn, whose home is in Finchley, acquired her “title” in 1939.

“I began singing when I was seven and though I never took any voice lessons I began radio broadcasting later,” she said. “I had been in radio quite a while when in 1939 a newspaper asked the boys in the British Expeditionary Forces in Europe to choose their favourite singer.

“I came out on top, even ahead of Bing Crosby and all of the other American singers.

“I don’t claim to be a musician and I never practice singing.

“I attribute my success to the ‘girl next door’ appeal. Also, my songs always had a message, which had a personal appeal to all those involved in the war. A great amount of my work nowadays is done overseas, and I do sing for charity functions at home.”

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