Designer and illustrator Beci Orpin can both think and land on her feet. When the pandemic struck, she “missed out on quite a few events and festivals interstate and a trip to the US,” she says. “I had some jobs which were not cancelled but evolved with changed briefs and reduced budgets.”

But she hit the ground running. “I was quite manic and started an Instagram account for making crafts out of things you have at home. It went off with a bang.” Orpin’s @easy_iso_craft handle accrued 2700 followers with upcycling craft instructions on how to whip together Mood Cups and cute Toilet Roll Trees.

Raph Rashid and Beci Orpin

Raph Rashid and Beci Orpin

Her husband Rash Rashid is Melbourne’s food truck big dog but his Taco Truck and Beatbox Kitchen businesses have copped a kicking. “All events were cancelled so that’s essentially 80 percent of the income gone. We also have two brick-and-mortar food places too which have been really busy, so that has been great for keeping people employed.” Orpin suggests to phone in and collect from Juanita Peaches and Beatbox Kitchen shop “instead of Uber Eats”.

“We live in Brunswick West with our two kids Tyke (16) and Ari (12) and our cat Chip. Both their schools have been very organised so the remote schooling thing has been OK for us,” Orpin says. She has been focusing on pistachio ice-cream, good vintage finds (especially ’70s Italian furniture), Bruno Munari and her trusty sketchbook.

“Raph and I also work in different places to each other so we don’t drive each other nuts. That’s been a saving grace for us!”

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