These concerts films prove the best view is often the one from your couch.

A vital document of what history will forever remember as #Beychella. (Netflix)

Beyonce in Netflix's Homecoming.

Beyonce in Netflix’s Homecoming.Credit:Netflix

Gimme Shelter
The Rolling Stones literally play for their lives as hippies and bikers kill each other at Altamont in 1969. (YouTube)

Fleetwood Mac: The Dance
What’s better than watching Stevie shoot daggers at Lindsey during Silver Springs? (Amazon Prime Video)

Bad Brains: Live at CBGB
A dude gets kicked out for bleeding, as the crowd yells “Take your spikes off!” As punk as it gets. (Amazon Prime Video)

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story
Scorsese follows Dylan during his 1975 tour, but Joni Mitchell’s backstage cameo steals the show. (Netflix)

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