Managing kids while juggling full-time work is no mean feat. Here are five books devised to help.

The Art of Growing Up
Author and educator John Marsden’s excellent latest book is part self-help, part philosophy.

The New Puberty
Amanda Dunn takes a forensic look at what kids hitting puberty early means – and how to help.

Raising Boys/Girls
Known for advice on bringing up boys, Steve Biddulph’s valuable expertise extends to raising girls.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.
Credit:Simon Schluter

The Princess Bitchface Syndrome 2.0
Practical advice from psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg and Elly Robinson that packs a punch.

Dear Parents
Self-described recovering teacher Gabbie Stroud reveals what it’s like on the other side of the classroom.

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