Adam Hills wearing his Warrington Wolves jersey in the documentary Take His Legs.

Adam Hills wearing his Warrington Wolves jersey in the documentary Take His Legs.Credit:     



Monday, July 13, 9.30pm, Ten

It doesn’t matter if you love Adam Hills or don’t especially care for him. One of the great things about this uplifting documentary is that although Hills is the facilitator, the focus is kept firmly on the real stars: the folk making up the Warrington Wolves PDRL – physical disability rugby league team. The humour and heart of the players is fabulous, and while this is all about the feelgood, it doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff, either.

White Light

White LightCredit:



Tuesday, July 14, 8.30pm, ABC

White Light is not specifically about problematic policing. But George Gittoes’ portrait of Englewood, on Chicago’s South Side, inevitably encompasses it. (One young man describes the Chicago police force as that city’s biggest gang.) The main focus, though, is the more complex story of young people growing up amid entrenched disadvantage – and unimaginable gun violence. The structure is a bit sloppy but it’s thought-provoking all the same.


The Planets

The PlanetsCredit:


New series ★★★½

Thursday, July 16, 9.40pm, BBC Earth

As I guess befits a story about the birth of our solar system, nothing happens in a hurry in this new series fronted by Brian Cox. But it is filled with great info as we explore the formation of the “terrestrial” planets – the ones made of dirt rather than gas or frozen liquid – and why Earth is the only one with big, pale, hairless apes walking around on it.

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