Mary Gearin, look and learn, no more, we’re driven to complete distraction. Your waving arms and hands at the start of every news service are estimating just what … the size of a watermelon, new baby? It’s distracting, you are a newsreader, not an actor.
Lynne Oliver, Brunswick

A mixed bag

Sometimes the holiday reshuffling and replacement of hosts on 774 Radio can be a mixed bag. Evening’s David Astle has slipped into Sammy J’s breakfast shoes very comfortably with a relaxed, engaging and informed style but the experienced food writer and media personality Matt Preston hasn’t done so well replacing Jacinta Parsons. His delivery comes across as forced – with restricted “flow” in his conversations and occasionally a misplaced intellectual pride.
Bruce Watson, Belgrave

Return to Midsomer?

When the ABC runs out of Midsomer Murders repeats, will we see the test pattern return to our screens? Season one in black and white and season two in colour?
Trish Shanahan, Bendigo

Her time has passed

Why has Pauline Hanson’s departure from national morning shows taken so long? Ms Hanson’s rants were akin to watching a drunken patron shouting obscenities at a local pub with their ill-informed logic. Freedom of speech is often a very lazy excuse to use for anyone that engages in ugly and racist stereotypes and can leave a harmful and dangerous effect on minority groups.

Pamela Papadopoulos, South Yarra

Lessons in life

In this difficult time, it was great that SBS presented Life Drawing Live on Saturday night. It was a practical, engaging lesson in a potential hobby for many people as they are locked down. It was refreshing that each of the artists were improving as the night went on. Claudia Karvan’s different facial expressions as she navigated through each exercise were priceless.

Greig Morris, Essendon

Plain speakin’ wins out

Q&A (6/7) was very entertaining. I haven’t been watching it of late because I was finding it dull and uninspiring. Monday’s show was different. A good combination of guests. Shaun Micallef is always good value. And even politicians (Teri Butler) and ex-politicians (Christopher Pyne) can be entertaining when they speak openly and don’t resort to politician-speak.

David Fry, Moonee Ponds

Heart of the matter

Where would we be without intrepid reporters clarifying our new lockdown laws? Numerous crossovers to reporters standing on suburban streets, “Standing here I am in lockdown, but (camera pans) just across the road…” They really know how to get to the heart of the issue.

Peter McGill, Lancefield

Numbers man

While reading the news tonight Peter Hitchener, without missing a beat, corrected his own script. He quickly corrected “amount” of people to “number”. Other commentators, journalists and reporters please try to understand the difference between these words.

Peter Forehan, Murrumbeena

Compelling stories

The SBS program, Where Are You Really From?, is essential Covid-19 viewing for Melburnians.

Ian Powell, Glen Waverley

Cold War reflections

In 1956, my father was a weather observer who avoided being sent to the Atomic Test Range at Maralinga. He claimed he’d voted communist. Today, he’d be applauding ABC’s Operation Buffalo. With its farce, tragedy and humour, Operation Buffalo is reminiscent of Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. It presents absurdities to cogitate on as we seek a safe path through another Cold War, when difficult truths often don’t get told. Thank God for art.

Susan Day, Watsonia

Essence is important

Unlike Craig Mathieson, I find the essence of Operation Buffalo far more important than the form of the comic-drama (Hindsight, 25/6). Like the earlier Pine Gap, which also had some debatable content, Operation Buffalo at least contributes to a wider public knowledge of how Britain and the United States secretly use Australia for little-known military purposes. We need more shows like them.

Brian Boyd, Carlton

Binge buyers beware

Having read several items about new streaming service Binge,no mention is made that there are no closed captions. This is important to many viewers like myself who are hard of hearing. So buyer beware.

Jan Coulson, Phillip Island

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