Rey's widow Allison suspects foul play in his death.

Rey’s widow Allison suspects foul play in his death. Credit:Netflix

Baltimore police concluded that Rivera committed suicide by throwing himself from a tall hotel building in 2006. His widow, Allison, disagrees. “He ran out of the house like he was late for something,” she says. “Who sits there and says, ‘You know what? It’s 6.30. Time to go jump off a big roof’? I think he turned over some rock and he shouldn’t have turned it over.”

A medical examiner and a homicide detective who worked on the case are among those who share her suspicions. Those suspicions point towards a financial-advice outfit owned by one of Rivera’s closest friends. Might you yourself happen to have information about the case? If so, you’re encouraged to share it with investigators at

Presumably, future episodes will include updates on investigations in the way that the original series did – and it’s certainly to be hoped that progress will be made in Rivera’s case and all the others.

And the paranormal element? That comes in the episode about UFOs temporarily abducting multiple children from Berkshire County, Massachussetts, on the night of September 1, 1969.
Believe it or not, the accounts of the grown kids – and of the adults who say they witnessed certain events – make for surprisingly poignant viewing. Viewers keen to revisit the original series will find 20 seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

What’s It Like to Have Coronavirus?

An eye-opening and alarming documentary filmed in isolation by five British families battling with COVID-19. Viewers will get a sense of the fear involved when Scottish woman Lisa recalls her ambulance-driver husband, Bruce, fainting while he was carrying their baby – for a moment, she thought he had died and killed their child in the fall. On the positive side, young medicine student Ahmed survives his own frightening battle with the disease and gets stuck into volunteering at an intensive-care unit.

Doctor Who: Dreamland

This David Tennant-era animation overlays its CGI with an agreeable comic-book aesthetic that suits its setting in the 1950s Nevada desert. That’s where the wise-cracking Doctor (Tennant) meets a couple of innocent locals and they all get dragged off into Area 51 and a conspiracy between a rogue military officer and rapacious aliens that might just destroy the planet. Running just 50-odd minutes, it isn’t short on spectacle and might be a way to lure a new generation into the Whoniverse.

Dead Still
Acorn TV, from Monday

One of the strangest things people did in the Victorian era was pose for family photographs with the body of a recently deceased relative propped up in the middle of them. This unlikely Irish comedy series takes us into a world where this is all completely normal but still provides opportunity for disaster. Michael Smiley (Luther) is a hoot as pompous photographer Brock Blennerhasset, and so is Aidan O’Hare as the detective whose investigations look sure to make Blennerhasset’s life a misery.

Kerr Logan as Conall Molloy, Michael Smiley as Brock Blennerhasset and Eileen O’Higgins as Nancy Vickers in Dead Still.

Kerr Logan as Conall Molloy, Michael Smiley as Brock Blennerhasset and Eileen O’Higgins as Nancy Vickers in Dead Still. Credit:Bernard Walsh

Last One Laughing
Amazon Prime Video

There was a very weird tension throughout the first episodes of this series, in which 10 Australian comedians are bunged in a windowless room and challenged not to laugh at each other. With a $100,000 prize on the line and even half a laugh meaning instant elimination, there were moments when it seemed as though those making the most deliberate efforts to eliminate a mate were as likely to get a punch in the head as they were to get a laugh.

There was a lot of “I can’t look at you right now” and walking across to the other side of the room, and it was left to Rebel Wilson in the control room to explain why comedic gambits that were met with blank stares were actually funny. But with ridiculous props allowed, time-outs serving as tension relievers, and eliminated contestants joining Wilson as commentators, things are loosening up.

Things are loosening up with ridiculous props in Last One Laughing.

Things are loosening up with ridiculous props in Last One Laughing.Credit:Amazon Prime Video

The laconic, banjo-playing Anne Edmonds shapes as a real contender, as does the fiendish Becky Lucas and the utterly mad and fearlessly self-degrading Sam Simmons. One for the real comedy tragics.

The Sheik
Amazon Prime Video

Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, better known as The Iron Sheik, had a hard-earned rise from humble origins to great heights – as a wrestler in Iran, an Olympic wrestling coach in the US, and one of the biggest stars in the WWF – before a shattering fall into poverty and drug addiction, and a late recovery as a foul-mouthed cult celebrity. This admiring but unflinching documentary has the Sheik himself front and centre, weighing in on his own story in his own comedically belligerent style.

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