I saw a fun story today about a dad who takes his kids’ drawings and uses Photoshop in order to recreate the drawings as realistic-looking creatures. The father, Tom Curtis, also has an Instagram account @thingsihavedrawn where you can see more of his creativity at work.

Well, I’m also a father, and I also love to play around with Photoshop, so I saw this story as a challenge to see what I could do with one of my sons’ early drawings (from about 15 years ago). First up, we have a “tiger” drawn by my son, a tiger who has an unusually long tongue and some interesting legs.

a kid's drawing of a tiger

Okay, so here we go … here’s my attempt to create it as a semi-realistic – or surrealist – tiger out in nature … what do you think?

surrealist Photoshop tiger based on kid drawing art

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