Back in 2018, Los Angeles-based artist Victor Solomon released a porcelain sculpture, entitled Moonshot VS.004, using an ancient Japanese method for ceramic repair called Kintsugi. This time, Solomon has crafted a 200mm faceted solid crystal ball featuring seam lines etched and filled with gold enamel. Dubbed MoonShotVS.007, the artwork is part of the artist’s ongoing project called “Literally Balling.”

Solomon elevates a traditional icon and totem of basketball into an opulent form, celebrating the sport’s evolution and omnipresence. The artwork optically bends space in a unique way for each viewer that engages with it, creating a hypnotic experience. In response to basketball tournament cancellations amidst coronavirus fears, Solomon speaks to the importance of the sport and the international communities it builds with his latest work.

Priced at $1,499 USD, MoonShotVS.007 is hand made to order and can be purchased now on Literally Balling’s website.

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