The thing that made me laugh this week: I’ve been watching Last One Laughing on Amazon, it’s basically a group of comedians in a room and the idea is for them not to laugh at each other. In episode one Anne Edmonds drops this cracker of a line. I can’t repeat it because we’re talking in a PG interview here, but I had to stop it, rewind it, replay it, it was hilarious. That was probably the last real massive belly laugh I had. It’s a swear word, but her delivery is brilliant.

I started living healthier during lockdown: When there are a thousand things going on at once, it’s sort of the first thing that goes by the wayside. It’s been great for me to go, OK, well there’s nothing else that needs my attention except myself, so I’m going to give my time and energy to being healthy and getting fit. I’ve been training. Now that the gyms are opened up, I’ve gone back.

The other thing is winter swimming. Once a week you can get up quite early, walk or run a course, it’s only a half hour, everyone’s at their own pace, and then at the end we all just dive into the waves. It’s pretty exhilarating and amazing, but it is freezing at the moment and it’s still dark at 5.30am. There have been times when I’ve bailed, but you’re encouraged by the others in the group, no way would I do that on my own. I’d like to do a few more goes during winter. Mentally I’m like I know I can do this, I’ve done it once, there’s no reason I can’t do it again.

Deborah Mailman stars in Little J and Big Cuz on ABC Kids.

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